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Jeugbediening / Youth Ministry

Jeugbediening / Youth ministry

The service is provided in English and is divided into 3 main groups.

- Clubhouse is designed for kids 3 - 5 years old (younger than 3 welcome when

accompanied by an adult). Age-appropriate videos utilized in teaching them a Bible


- Promiseland is a group for kids aged 6 - 12. The large group lessons teach the

kids how to apply the Bible truths in their everyday lives. Every second week the kids

divided into age related groups for boys and girls where they discuss the weekly theme

with the help of a small group leader.

The themes covered in the weekly lessons focus on the same Bible Truth preached in

the main sermon for the adults. This enables parents to discuss the content with their

children and opens the door for further discussion at home.

Kontak: Rika Hoffman 0297781969

Tienerbediening / Teenage Ministry

As youth, we struggle with everyday decisions and choices. Luckily, we can turn to God for all the answers. At

EPIC we go back to the BASICS, learning and applying what the Bible tells us; Climbing a challenging mountain without the proper equipment is a guaranteed innovation for disaster. Even with the right tools, the journey is not easy.

The start of every climb begins with the establishment of an EPIC… where all the supplies are kept that will sustain the climb.

Kontak: Jan Oosthuizen 0210357216

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